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Monterey County Jails & Detention Facilities

Monterey Co. Jail-Map Link
1414 Natividad Road, Salinas,  CA 93906

Carmel Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
Junipero Ave & 4th Ave, Carmel, CA 93921

King City Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
415 Bassett Street, King City CA 93930

Monterey Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
351 Madison Street, Monterey CA 93940

Pacific Grove Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
580 Pine Ave, Pacific Grove,  CA 93950

Salinas Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
222 Lincoln Ave, Salinas,  CA 93906

Seaside Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
440 Harcourt Ave., Seaside, CA  93955

Soledad Police Department (Jail)-Map Link
236 Main Street, Soledad,  CA 93960


Courts In Monterey County-Link

King City Superior Court-Map Link
250 Franciscan Way, King City,  CA 93930
(831) 386-5200

Marina Superior Court-Map Link
3180 Del Monte Blvd, Marina,  CA 93933
(831) 883-5300

Monterey Superior Court-Map Link
1200 Aguajito Rd, Monterey,  CA  93940
(831) 647-5800

Salinas Superior Court-Map Link
240 Church St, Salinas,  CA 93901
(831) 775-5400

Salinas Court Annex-Map Link
118 W. Gabilan St. Salinas, CA 93901
(831) 775-5400

Monterey County Public Defender-Link
111 W. Alisal Street Salinas, CA 93901-Map Link
Tel.: (831) 755-5058
Fax: (831) 755-5873

Monterey County Jail-About
Useful Information:

Contacting Inmates Via the Mail

The inmate mailing address is:
The inmate's name
Booking number,
P.O. Box 809
Salinas, CA. 93906.

Monterey County's Most Wanted-Link
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Monterey District Attorneys Office-Link
Monterey District Attorney
1200 Aguajito Rd #301
Monterey, CA 93940
(831) 667-2770



Know Your Legal Rights In Court- Link to Source
1. You have the right to be furnished a copy of the complaint, and you have a right to have the charges explained to you.

2. You have a right to an attorney at all stages of the proceedings.

3. You have a right to a continuance to obtain an attorney, if you want one.

4. If you are unable to hire an attorney due to lack of sufficient funds or property, the Court will appoint one for you at no cost to you.

At the conclusion of your case and after a hearing, if the Court determines you have the ability to pay, you can be ordered to pay all or part of the cost of the attorney.

This order has the same effect as a civil judgment and is subject to execution.

5. You have a right to reasonable bail set by the Court.
If you are not able to post the bail set, the Court will review the amount of bail within five days of your court date upon your request at which time any new facts will be considered.

6. You have a right to use the power of the Court to subpoena witnesses and present evidence in your own behalf.

7. You have a right to confront and cross-examine the witnesses against you.

8. You have a right against self-incrimination, which means you cannot be required to testify against yourself.

You may waive this right and testify in your own behalf if you wish.

9. You may plead guilty, not guilty, or nolo contendere (no contest).

Nolo contendere is the same in legal effect as a plea of guilty but cannot be used against you as an admission in any civil suit when the plea of nolo contendere is used for a crime punishable as a misdemeanor or infraction.

If you are charged with a misdemeanor, you also have the following rights:

1. You have a right to a trial by jury, or you may waive this right and request a Court Trial.

2. You have a right to a speedy trial, which means within thirty days following arraignment, if you are in custody; or, within forty-five days following arraignment, if you are not in custody.

If you are not brought to trial within the time stated your case must be dismissed, unless good cause is otherwise shown.

3. You have a right to wait at least six hours before sentence is imposed after a plea of guilty, a plea of nolo contendere, or conviction following trial; sentence must be imposed within five days, or within twenty-one days if the matter is referred to the Adult Probation Department unless you waive that right.

If you are charged with an infraction, you have the same rights as you would if charged with a misdemeanor except that you have a right to a Court trial and no right to a trial by jury.
You have no right to a court appointed attorney unless you are in custody.

If you plead guilty or nolo contendere to a misdemeanor or infraction crime you wave your right to trial by jury and trial by court, your right to see and cross-examine witnesses against you, your right against self-incrimination and also your right to an attorney unless you have an attorney then.

If you are charged with a felony, you have a right to a preliminary hearing within ten court days following your arraignment or plea, whichever occurs later.

If you are not a citizen, a plea of guilty or nolo contendere, or a conviction following trial may result in your deportation, exclusion or admission to the United States, or denial of naturalization pursuant to the laws of the United States.

The above inforamtion is not provided as legal advice. Defendants should seek the advice of a qualified attorney at law for advice and representation.